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Kentucky Rifle Foundation
Preserving the Heritage of the Kentucky Longrifle

The Kentucky Rifle Foundation is basically the educational arm of the Kentucky Rifle Association. The Kentucky Rifle Foundation is a stand-alone organization, however, it operates exclusively as a IRS 501 C3 corporation. Funding is solely through contributions, fund raising events and endowments.

The Foundation's mission is to Preserve the Heritage of the Kentucky Rifle thru educational programs, museum assistance and book related to the subject of the rifle's history in the development of America. This history is multi-dimensional and a story that goes hand-in-hand with the trials and tribulations of this nation's early settlers.

The Kentucky Rifle is recognized today as a work of art and highly prized by collectors. Over two hundred years ago, however, it was used to provide food for the table and defend the family as well as defend the country. The Kentucky Rifle played a major role in the Revolution as well as the War of 1812. The British dubbed it The Widow Maker.

Examples of the Kentucky rifle made before and during the Revolution are scarce. As such, most collectors today concentrate on the period from the close of the Revolution through the first years of the 19th century. There is a 25-year period during this timeframe that has become known as the Golden age of the Kentucky Rifle. No less than 15 major books have been written on the subject during the last 80 years. The most recent is a 552 page book published by the KRF, Selected Articles from the Kentucky Rifle Association Bulletin.

Please keep in mind, the Kentucky Rifle Foundation exists completely on donations, endowments, fund raising events and monies raised through the sale of books it publishes. If you are in a position to aid us in our mission, we would like to hear from you.

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